Finding a Wedding & Reception Venue with Social Distancing

Finding a Wedding & Reception Venue with Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic forced couples across the country to change or place their wedding plans on hold and venues preparing for the peak wedding season to cancel booked events and close their doors. With Texas reopened, allowing wedding and reception venues to operate at limited capacity with social distancing, couples in the Houston area are making difficult decisions – do you make plans to wed or wait until at least a year more? If you want to get married in 2020-2021, should you downsize your ceremony and reception to meet a venue’s capacity limits for social distancing?

Reducing Your Guest List is Not Easy

At limited capacity, many venues in Houston cannot accommodate the size of the normal average wedding guest list. While these times are anything but normal, dramatically reducing your guest list is not an easy task. And this is your wedding, a day you’ve dreamed about and want all of your family and friends to share with you, safely.

With all things considered, if you plan to move forward with your wedding in 2020 or 2021 and decide to keep your guest list as is, you will need to either find an indoor venue with large enough capacity to accommodate your guests while maintaining social distancing or move your wedding outdoors. (Outdoor weddings and receptions are not subject to the limited capacity of indoor venues, although social distancing is still strongly recommended.

Your Choice of Wedding Venues in Houston is More Limited

The financial strain of canceling bookings and closing during quarantines resulted in some wedding venues filing for bankruptcy. The need for additional space to provide a responsible social distancing setup and meet capacity limits reduces the number of available venues even more. Plus, with countless weddings placed on hold for months, the number of couples planning to wed in 2020 and 2021 will likely be higher than usual for the near future.

Therefore, if you can find an available venue you like, book it as quickly as possible!

Houston Venues Open for Weddings & Receptions

At Imagen Venues in Houston, you will find options for indoor and outdoor wedding and reception venues. Our two unique, spacious indoor event centers with large capacities normally accommodate from 50 people to 5,900 people. Under guidelines for social distancing, we can book weddings and receptions for 50-250 people. We also offer an outdoor venue on site. Read our COVID-19 venue update for additional information.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your wedding and/or reception plans in 2020-2021 and how Imagen Venues can help.

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