Unique Ideas for Planning a Company Holiday Party in Houston

Activities & Entertainment for a Fun, One-of-a-Kind Company Party

Hosting a fun, one-of-a-kind company party is a powerful way to boost morale and give your team the chance to relax and unwind. They will go back to work feeling motivated to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

If you want to host a company holiday party in Houston to reward your team and show them how much you care, you have come to the right place. This guide will give you some unique party ideas that will grab their attention and keep them talking for months.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull Riding

If your team is feeling a little adventurous and wants to indulge their wild side, let them try their luck at riding a mechanical bull. Start on the lowest setting to let them warm up to the challenge, and you can slowly increase the difficulty to see who lasts the longest.

Make the event a little more interesting by offering sporting event tickets, gift cards and other prizes to the winners. Your team will have a blast putting their skills and luck to the test on a mechanical bull, and this challenge is also a great team-building exercise.


Give everyone a break from the stress of work and let them put their luck on the line with a company casino. Renting a private space for your team to play Texas Hold ‘Em poker, blackjack, roulette and other great casino games will provide them with an unbeatable experience. They will feel the rush with each roll of the dice, hoping to be the next big winner. Those on your team will have a blast from the time they arrive to when they pack up and depart if you offer casino games.

Food and Contests

Event Center catering

Treat your team right by hosting an event with some of the best food Texas has to offer. Consider serving steaks, BBQ or a range of other meals that will make anyone’s mouth water. In addition to serving unbeatable meals, you can also hold a few contests to take the fun to a whole new level. You can let them play different games, but also plan to let them get raffle tickets for a shot at the big prize.

Live Music

Host a holiday party with live music

Hosting a live music event is a smart way to give your team a fun experience that they won’t soon forget. Before you decide what band you will feature, learn about the tastes of your team so you can pick a style of music that will appeal to them. You can choose from a variety of local and national bands that will give your team the time of their lives.

Some business owners and corporate professionals overlook this path because they don’t see the benefits, but if you have a large budget and want to make a huge impression, a live music event is a fantastic way to bring people together, and your team won’t soon forget the experience.


When you are planning a company holiday party, include a game or two of trivia. You can connect a gaming system to a large monitor and give each of the players a controller to answer questions. Depending on the system you use, you can select from a range of great categories.

Want more ideas? Check out a few other activities for parties and special events at Imagen Venues.

Getting Started

When you are planning a company holiday party and want a venue that gets the job done, you can count on Imagen Venues. This venue has enough room to host up to 2,999 people inside and up to 15,000 people outside. If you would like to host your company holiday party in Houston with style, we invite you to contact Imagen Venues for more information about the benefits and how you can begin.

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