Unique Client Appreciation Events: Ideas for a Successful, Fun Event

The Goals of a Client Appreciation Event & How to Accomplish Them

Hosting a client appreciate event is one of the best things you can do to improve customer retention, build a stream of referrals, and set your company apart from its competitors. But to accomplish those goals, you need to do more than host a posh dinner at an area restaurant.

If you want to wow your clients, and prospective ones, invest in an exceptional (think fun and unique!) event that will show your gratitude in a more memorable way.

Do it right, at least once a year, and your clients will remain loyal, even when cutting costs elsewhere. They will talk about the event, and your company, with others. And they will look forward to your next one.

3 Things Successful Appreciation Events Offer

The best client appreciation events will include food and drinks, fun activities, and networking opportunities. Using the tips and ideas below, you can plan an event with all three.

1. Keeps Guests Happy with Event Catering & Bar Service

You don’t want your guests in a hurry to leave because they’re hungry. Whether you offer buffet-style food or a more formal dinner, with good food available your guests will feel satisfied and ready for fun.

Full bar service

A full bar also goes a long way in keeping your guests happy. If it is in your budget, offer an open bar. If not, make full bar service available.


2. Unique, FUN Activities to Make Your Event More Memorable

Fun activities can make the difference between a boring event guests cannot wait to leave and a time they don’t want to end. Imagine hosting a client appreciation event with live armadillo racing and photo ops with a live Texas longhorn. Not many events offer that.

Event with live armadillo racing


Below are a few ideas for fun activities to consider:


Live Music & Line Dancing

Would your group enjoy line dance lessons? Give them the opportunity to learn a few steps and then show off their moves on the dance floor. For music, your event could include a live band or DJ, depending on your budget.

Line dancing is a fun event activity


Plan an Event with Multiple Activities

While many people will enjoy dancing, others may prefer karaoke or casino action.

Maybe your guests would like to try riding a mechanical bull. You would be surprised at how many women, as well as men, will jump at the chance to climb on one, determined to complete the ride at a higher level than others do.

Cigar rolling, a unique activity for any event

You could offer a mixology class or cigar rolling. Bar games such as pool, shuffleboard and darts will keep others entertained.

An event with multiple fun activities engages more people and helps ensure everyone enjoys themselves. Check out the event activities at Imagen Venues for more ideas to make you appreciation event stand out.


Business Card Drawings

Everyone loves to win a prize, and they usually remember when and where they won it. As guests arrive, ask them to leave a business card in a large bowl or box provided at the door. Periodically throughout the night draw cards from the collection and award those selected a gift card or other prize.


Photo Opportunities for Fun & Marketing

Photo booth fun

Don’t forget to include photo opportunities at every appreciation event hosted. People love photo booths, and many will share their photos on social media. As they do, others see the fun event your company hosted.

Hiring a roving photographer is another way to get photos taken and shared.


Make Client Appreciation Events a Networking Opportunity

When creating the guest list for a client appreciation event, don’t limit it to current clients. An appreciation event presents a great opportunity to entice prospective clients and show them the awesomeness of your company.

Allow customers and potential customers to bring spouses or other guests, too. Spread the love, and your business will grow.


Host an Impressive, Unique Appreciation Event at Imagen Venues

Imagen Venues

If you are planning an appreciation event in Houston, Imagen Venues is the place to do it! Our grand, Texas-style venue accommodates up to 2,999 people indoors and thousands more outside, perfect for mid to large events, with areas available for smaller groups of 50-150 as well.

We also offer a second venue, Escapade Event Center, with an indoor capacity of 5,900 people.

Both event centers at Imagen Venues are full-service venues, so whatever your event needs, we can provide.

Let our event professionals take the hassle out of planning and hosting your appreciation event. Our creative event planners will help you create a unique event with in-house catering, full bar service, fun activities and more.

The perfect venue for corporate events in Houston, Imagen Venues offers excellent in-house audio and multimedia equipment and services, including LED monitors that can be personalized with your brand as well as your clients’.

Contact Imagen Venues now to discuss your event and schedule a tour. We look forward to making your next client appreciation event a success!

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