Planning an After Party in Houston: Don’t Let it be an Afterthought

Make Your After Party a Memorable Experience

Houston plays host to hundreds of conventions, conferences and expos each year. These large events bring thousands of people of different backgrounds together with a common interest, which could be anything from business ideas and new products to science and academics.

While they attend these events to network, learn and share ideas, what keeps many of them coming back annually is what comes after – the party. Give them an awesome night of socializing and FUN, and they will remember it when you announce your next event.

Knowing this, you can understand why when planning a convention, conference or other large event, the after party should never be an afterthought. Make it a memorable experience!

4 Tips for Planning an Awesome After Party

1. Keep it fun. An after party should be just that, a party. After a long day, attendees will not be in the mood to hear speakers, unless those speakers are comedians, so no need to book them. They will instead be ready to relax, unwind and have fun. Provide them the opportunity to do so.

2. Host the party at a different venue. Although the venue where you host your conference or other event may also have room for a closing party, in most cases it’s better to find a different venue, if possible. An empty room in a hotel or convention center doesn’t really provide the party atmosphere other venues can. If hosting the party off site, you could offer shuttle buses or Uber rides to make it more convenient for guests.

3. Provide entertainment. Good music is essential to a party and will keep it lively, so you should strongly consider hiring a band or DJ to play music that will appeal to your audience and get them on the dance floor. A packed dance floor keeps a party going nonstop and creates a memorable experience. You could also offer casino action, a pool tournament, or other entertaining activities, if it’s in your budget.

4. Offer giveaways. Give your guests something to take away with them, preferably as they’re leaving. Everyone loves to get something for free, and many will remember it. It could be nice swag or something as simple as a custom bag of sweets. These gifts provide a branding opportunity, too, so you can probably find sponsors to cover the costs.

Finding After-Party Venues: Selecting the Right One is Key

With all the planning a large event such as a conference or convention requires, trying to also plan a big after party at the same time can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you select the right venue, most of the party planning work will be taken care of for you.

Some venues offer professional event planners who can handle the various details such as arranging and managing party staff, entertainment, catering, bar service, security, parking and technical needs. It will make your job much easier, and allow you time to enjoy the party, too!

Host an After Party at Imagen Venues

If you plan to host an after party in Houston, you can find many venues. Your booking date, budget and expected number of guests will reduce the list, as will a desire for full service.

One venue that stands out among the others for hosting successful, Texas-sized after parties is Imagen Venues. A one-stop full-service venue, Stampede has hosted outstanding parties for various types of events, including the Patriots party when the big NFL game came to Houston, as well as some of the biggest entertainers in the music business.

An after party at Imagen Venues leaves a lasting impression. Plus, hosting a party at Imagen Venues makes your job easier and will make you look good!

For additional information or to inquire about booking, contact Imagen Venues now.

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