Planning Corporate Events with Social Distancing

Planning Corporate Events with Social Distancing

As more people return to their offices and try to resume some type of normalcy with face-to-face business, the desire for in-person company events will return. Some events such as award ceremonies, holiday parties and appreciation events are better in person, and people simply enjoy physical interaction with others, even if spaced apart. However, planning corporate events in an era of social distancing will be different and more challenging.

New Challenges to Hosting a Corporate Event Post-COVID-19

If you planned events in the past you know hosting a successful corporate event can be challenging. But the COVID-19 outbreak has added more considerations and responsibilities.

For instance, moving forward in the wake of the pandemic, event planners will need to develop new strategies involving health and safety measures to reduce the risk of spreading infection. You should be informed about safety recommendations for hosting an event during or after COVID-19 and prepared to manage and mitigate any risks.

Social distancing will be strongly recommended throughout 2020 and into 2021. That means the venue you select for your company event must be large enough to accommodate attendees with a responsible social distancing setup. What that setup looks like will depend on the type of event, but spacing of tables, chairs, aisles, etc. will be important for any event you are planning.

Hybrid Corporate Events for In Person & Virtual Attendees

Although many people are already attending in-person events, others will prefer to remain a virtual attendee, at least for the near future. To accommodate both groups, companies could consider hosting a hybrid event, which combines the traditional live event with a virtual component. Hybrid corporate events are not new, but the pandemic has increased their popularity.

Finding a Venue to Host Your Corporate Event

With countless events postponed due to quarantines, planners will be searching to find available venues as in-person events return. With numerous venues forced to permanently close during the pandemic and additional spacing needed to host a corporate event with social distancing, your venue options will be more limited than they were in the past. So, if you plan to host a corporate event this year or next, find a good venue and book it now!

Planning a Corporate Event with Social Distancing in Houston, Texas?

Consider hosting your event at Image Venues. With two spacious event centers and an outdoor venue on site, we offer multiple venue rental options for corporate events in Houston.

Contact us now to check availability and discuss your plans. As a full-service venue, we can help you plan an event with the right social distancing setup and take care of many of the details for you.

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